GE HealthCare Purchase Terms & Conditions

Each Purchase Order (PO) issued by GE HealthCare (GEHC) is governed solely by the applicable version of the GE HealthCare Standard Terms of Purchase based on where the GEHC purchasing entity is located.

GE HealthCare Technology & Innovation Center Terms & Conditions

  1. Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Mexico; Peru; Puerto Rico
  2. Algeria; Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Cote d’lvoire; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Egypt; Ethiopia; Finland; France; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Hungary; Iraq; Ireland; Italy; Jordan; Kenya; Mozambique; Netherlands; Nigeria; Norway; Pakistan; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Saudi Arabia; Serbia; Slovakia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Tunisia; Turkey; UAE; UK
  3. Philippines; Malaysia; Vietnam

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